Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to get my car serviced?

The reliability and efficiency of your car can be affected if you do not have it serviced regularly. Without a regular check, existing problems may go unnoticed which could result in increased repair costs. Having a service history for your car from an authorised main dealer enhances its resale value.

How often do I need to get my car serviced?

Most vehicles require a service at 15,000km/12 months, whichever comes soonest. Some vehicles have long life servicing which don’t require servicing as often, just when the service indicator light on your dashboard comes up.

NCT Test

Once your vehicle reaches 4 years old it requires an NCT test and then every second year thereafter. This is a legal requirement and the Department of Transport requires that all vehicles meet this minimum safety standard. We recommend that you visit us for a pre-NCT check so that we can identify and rectify any problems prior to your NCT.

Tyre Replacement

A Legal Requirement

WARNING—If your tyre tread is below the legal minimum your car won’t pass the NCT and you could get fined or get points on your licence. On wet roads, the braking distance can double with worn tyres and could cause an accident.

How often do I need to check my tyres?

It depends on the type of tyre, your mileage, or the kind of driving that you do. The legal limit of wear for tyre tread is 1.6mm compared to a new tyre tread of approximately 8mm. However, the more tread left on the tyre the better so we would recommend you change them before they reach the legal limit.

Four Wheel Alignment

Why is Four–wheel alignment required?

If your wheels are not aligned correctly your tyres will wear unevenly and handling will be affected. The vehicle may pull to one side; the steering wheel may vibrate and you may constantly have to move your steering wheel to keep your car travelling straight ahead.

How often should this be undertaken?

We would recommend that we test the alignment of your wheels if you notice an uneven tyre wear pattern, if you are concerned about an impact that your car may have had, if your car is pulling to one side or the steering wheel is vibrating excessively.

Brake Fluid Change

Why does brake fluid need to be changed?

Brake fluid must withstand operating temperatures of up to 230 degrees but over time it absorbs water which boils at 100 degrees. As the water boils, it turns to compressible vapour which means that you won’t be able to brake as efficiently. A spongy feel to the brake pedal shows that this has started to happen.

How often should it be changed?

As brake fluid absorbs moisture over time it must be replaced at year 3 and every 2 years after that irrespective of mileage.

Brake Pad and Disc Check

Why do brake pads and discs need to be checked?

When you brake the circular brake discs that rotate with the wheels are gripped by brake pads, causing the car to slow down. Both the discs and the pads are subject to wear and corrosion so it is important that they are checked regularly for your safety.

How often should they be checked?

We recommend that they are checked at least once a year. Even if your annual mileage is low your brakes should be checked yearly as they are still subject to corrosion.

Battery Replacement

Why does my battery need to be replaced?

When a battery is fully charged, it supplies approximately 12.6 volts, the power it supplies drops from around 100% to approximately 25%. If your battery is not holding its charge and there is a cold snap in weather it may cause your car not to start.

How often does it need to be checked?

The battery should be checked at every service.

Wiper Blade Replacement

Why do my wiper blades need to be replaced?

The correct size of wiper blades for your windscreen is the only way to keep it clear. Blades are made of rubber so they wear over time and become less effective.

How often do they need to be replaced?

For safety, we recommend you check your wiper blades at least once a year. If your wipers clean your windscreen unevenly leaving smears or patches it is a sign that the blades have deteriorated.

Bulb Replacement

Why do bulbs need to be replaced?

Bulbs need to be changed when they become defective. If a headlight is out, you may have difficulty seeing the road ahead. If a brake light is out, then the person following you may not be able to stop in time. You could also be stopped by the police and issued with a penalty notice or court appearance.

How often should bulbs be replaced?

It is advisable to replace bulbs straight away. We recommend carrying spare bulbs with you where possible. Please call in and we can organise spare bulbs and bulb replacement if necessary.

Air Conditioning

Why does air conditioning need to be serviced?

Over time the air conditioning system will lose some of its gas and unless it is replaced your system will be less able to keep you cool. If it is not serviced at all it will continue to lose gas which will result in it becoming less efficient, leading to increased fuel consumption. It is possible that the system would eventually fail leading to replacement parts being required.

How often does it need to be cleaned?

We recommend that your air conditioning is refreshed every 12 months to keep it clean and fresh and serviced every 2 years.