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If you become one of the unfortunate motorists to have their vehicle stolen where the vehicle is not recovered, or if you become involved in an accident where the vehicle is beyond economical repair, then you could find yourself with a financial dilemma.

Whether this is your only vehicle or one of many, you will have invested a substantial amount in your purchase.

It comes as quite a shock to our customers to learn that their insurers are not prepared to offer a settlement figure for a total loss claim that totals the same amount that was originally paid for their vehicle or, if their vehicle has been financed, that may not be sufficient to pay off the outstanding debt on their finance agreement.

At a time when you have all the problems of having no vehicle, this leaves you to find the shortfall between the amount the insurers pay out and either the amount you originally paid for the vehicle or the outstanding balance amount you require to settle your finance agreement.

So the choice is:

  • Use funds from hard earned savings.
  • Take out a loan for the difference.
  • Purchase a vehicle with the insurer’s payout that is of less value, with lower specification, probably older which may require more maintenance.

Take advantage of the features and benefits of Return to Invoice Advanced GAP Insurance.

The best money I have ever spent. I was able to buy a replacement car that equalled the one I had lost.

— Gale, Essex†

Because It's All About You

Return to Invoice Advanced GAP Insurance bridges the financial gap between what the insurer gives you and the larger amount of either:

  • The net invoice price you paid for your vehicle, up to the claim limit.


  • The outstanding balance amount you require to settle your finance agreement, up to the claim limit.

Additional Benefits

This insurance also includes the following benefits:

  • Overseas Use — This policy covers overseas use for a maximum of 60 days continual use during the period of insurance.
  • Transfer of cover to a replacement vehicle — If your vehicle is replaced during the period of insurance, we may, agree to transfer cover to your replacement vehicle for the remainder of the period of insurance.
  • Motor insurance excess — We will pay a contribution towards your motor insurance excess, up to a limit, as de ned in the policy wording.

What Is Not Covered

  • Any claim that occurs when you are not the legal owner and keeper of the vehicle.
  • Any claim where your motor insurance policy provider offers to provide a replacement vehicle as settlement of your claim, whether you accept it or not.
  • Any claim where the motor insurance policy provider has offered to repair your vehicle but you have requested the claim to be dealt with on a total loss basis.
  • Any claim by accident where the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, drugs not prescribed by a registered medical practitioner or drugs prescribed by a registered medical practitioner where a warning against driving has been given.
  • Any loss or liability which may be claimed from a more specific insurance.
  • Your vehicle is included under the section entitled Excluded Vehicles.
  • Claims arising as a result of using the vehicle for any of the Excluded Vehicle Uses.
  • Any additional costs shown on the vehicle invoice for anything other than the purchase of your vehicle. This includes but is not limited to, motor insurance, servicing and maintenance plans, warranty, payment protection and recovery, road fund licence and accessories tted other than by the manufacturer, or any outstanding nance carried over from any previous credit agreement including 'cash back'.

The policy will end on payment of a valid claim.


Please Contact Us If You Would Like To Take Out The Cover

This leaflet contains a brief overview of the cover, terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations that apply. A copy of the full policy wording and complaints procedure is available upon request from your dealer. Please contact your dealer if you would like to take out the cover. 
† Information taken from AXA customer satisfaction survey 2013 in the UK. 
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