C–Class Estate
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Generosity is welcome when it is evident in everything. In a design that grabs you and won't let go. In a space that offers even more freedom for what you want. Get in and learn more: about the new C-Class Estate, about a new dimension of generosity.

The new C-Class Estate has grown appreciably, its organic design idiom clearly setting itself apart from that of its predecessor. The varied interplay between lines and edges, convex and concave surfaces creates vibrant and exciting contrasts across the entire vehicle.


The front section defined by design and equipment line – including classic 3D radiator grille or sporty design with central star – features large air intakes and sharply defined headlamp contours to present the self-assured classic face of the new C-Class Estate day and night.

Distinctive shoulders that flow into a simple, clean-cut rear section emphasise the vehicle's visual width and inject a dynamic charisma with stylish sport credentials into each variant of the new C-Class Estate.

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In addition to nine gears, the 9-speed automatic transmission offers excellent ride comfort, driving enjoyment and efficiency at a whole new level. The nine forward gears allow a wider ratio spread with lower engine speed increments between the individual gears. This results in fast-response and fuel-saving gear changes with smooth transitions. Skipping individual gears allows multiple downshifts for powerful, fast bursts of speed. And the DYNAMIC SELECT switch lets the driver preselect the gearshift characteristics. Steering-wheel gearshift paddles similar to the ones used in motorsport can be used to change gear.


The 7-speed automatic transmission combines a high level of comfort with driving pleasure and efficiency. It impresses with smooth operation and rapid gear shifts. At the same time, the 7G-TRONIC PLUS transmission contributes to reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive assists when it matters. Attentively and in full control, without missing a thing. Intervening where necessary. Holding back where possible. This effortless superiority is part of the optional Driving assistance package Plus: a combination of intelligent driving assistance and safety systems which can help the driver and make driving tangibly easier. DISTRONIC PLuS with Steering Assist and Stop&Go Pilot helps you keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front and also stay in lane. BaS PLuS Brake Assist with Cross-Traffic Assist and Pre-SaFe®Brake can reduce the risk of accidents at junctions, rear-end collisions and collisions with pedestrians, particularly in urban traffic. Active Lane Keeping Assist and active Blind Spot Assist provide assistance if the vehicle leaves its lane unintentionally or during lane changes if there is a danger of collision with other vehicles. Pre-Safe PLUS extends the functions of the Pre-Safe occupant protection system with preventive measures when a rear impact threatens.

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†† The Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) is payable if you renew or retain the vehicle at the end of the agreement.  Further charges may be applied by your Mercedes‑Benz Dealer subject to kilometre limits/condition of the vehicle.