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The SKODA Kodiaq is SKODA’s first step into the SUV segment. The SKODA Kodiaq makes fantastic use of interior space and can seat 5 or 7 passengers, with the third row of seats optional. It is longer than the Volkswagen Tiguan and shorter than the Kia Sorrento.

On the outside it’s a large SUV, while on the inside it’s a well-built practical family car. There’s plenty of space up front and you can easily fit three adults in the second row. The seats slide back and forth and the backrest decline for extra comfort too.


Up front, the Kodiaq is really nicely designed with a focus on materials and inlays to give an upmarket appearance. It has plenty of SKODA’s “Simply Clever” touches; umbrellas in the front doors, special cup holders that allow you to open a bottle one-handed, door protectors, split/folding and sliding rear seats and rakes of technological features.

Another interesting feature is a “virtual pedal” that not only electrically opens the boot when you wave your foot under the rear bumper but also closes it.

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It comes is a range of petrol and diesel engines as well as manual and DSG auto gearboxes. From launch there will be a 2-litre diesel with 150bhp and 190bhp. The 150bhp will come with front-wheel-drive 7 speed auto DSG, 6 speed 4x4 or 7 speed DSG 4x4. The 190bhp version has 7 speed DSG 4x4. There’s a 115bhp version due in 2018.

The Kodiaq handles extremely well, it’s involving for the driver whilst relaxing to drive.

Skoda Kodiaq is a crossover that can tame the fiercest traffic

Skoda’s highly capable SUV won’t please the greens, but it will make grizzled parents and their cubs feel safe and warm during hairy moments on the motorway.

If seven years of living in this beautiful country has taught me anything, it’s that Irish motorists suffer from a condition best described as “Gaelic restlessness”. It’s an affliction that is by no means confined to this island, but one that manifests itself here like nowhere else on Earth.

When I first got off the boat from Scotland in the winter of 2011, I marvelled at the motorways with their empty slow lanes and nose-to-tail bonkers fast lanes. It was immediately apparent the middle lane was to be occupied by people that a) were in no particular hurry to get to their destination and b) were unaware they were in charge of a motorcar.

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