Top 100 cars for 2019
56: Skoda Kodiaq – Big, comfortable, beautifully made, and very, very roomy

7th December, 2018

The best thing about the Skoda Kodiaq? The ‘Voice Amplification’ system that allows the driver to send their voice through the stereo system all the way to those sat in the third row seats in the boot. You can make endless airline-pilot style announcements and drive your kids nuts. Such fun.

The rest of the Kodiaq is exactly what you’d expect it to be. Big, comfortable, beautifully made, and very, very roomy. That boot is vast, and more so if you decline the option of having the folding third row seats in the boot (although, why would you?

Surely the whole point of a car such as this is having seating versatility…) and there’s good space in row two, too. The dashboard is a bit too upright and cliff-faced to have much in the way of style, but there are the usual Skoda touches such as umbrellas in the doors and an ice-scraper in the fuel flap, which is nice.

Handling is actually surprisingly good, and you can enjoy chucking the Kodiaq around, but the ride quality is a touch too firm. In spite of being essentially the same as the smaller, cheaper Karoq, it just has more character.

Best model: Kodiaq 2.0 TDI 150hp 4x4 Ambition for €38,175

Price range: €30,950 to €48,075. Finance from €359 per month.

Sum up: Big and useful.