Mercedes-Benz E-Class – The king of its class

10th January, 2019

Top 100 cars for 2019: Despite stiff competition it sees off its rivals with aplomb

Still the most impressive luxury four-door saloon around, in spite of encroaching competition from Audi’s A6 and new Lexus ES, and with the spectre of the BMW 5 Series hovering constantly over its shoulder.

The E-Class really is a class act, though, from its gorgeous interior to its calm, assured, but still entertaining chassis. All but a handful are sold with diesel power, which perhaps isn’t in keeping with the zeitgeist, but there are more options - including plugin hybrids using both petrol and diesel power - on the way, which is good news. Sporting full-blooded AMG variants mainline lunacy for kicks, but it’s the useful, handsome estate that draws us in the most.

Best model: E220d Estate AMG-Line for €55,420

Price range: €48,200 to €143,995. Finance from €561 per month.

Co2 emissions: 80 to 225g/km

Sum up: Fashion fades, class remains.