Mercedes-Benz GLB: One of the most impressive SUVs of the year

2nd December, 2019

Michael McAleer, The Irish Times

Mercedes-Benz is adding yet another flavour to its alphabet soup of SUVs.

Still don’t believe it’s about crossovers and not cars these days? How about the fact Mercedes-Benz now offers eight different sizes of SUVs these days. To name them all is a 10-pointer in any pub quiz - and the honour of anorak of the evening. It’s up there with being able to recite Pi to 10 decimal points.

The latest addition by Mercedes is the GLB, squeezing into the car maker’s alphabet soup between the current GLA and GLC. A futile waste of metal and marketing effort? Surprisingly not. This is one of the cars of 2019 that has really caught us by surprise. For a start, there are seven seats as an option, in a car that we had tackling 47 degree off-road inclines and descents, at one stage balanced on two wheels a top of mountain pass, and pitched sideways at an angle of nearly 35 degrees when driving along an embankment. This is no overdressed family hatchback.

Driving it last week sent us back to the drawing board on our list of top cars for 2020. It’s that impressive.