smart #3


It's all about action.

With its athletic curves, aerodynamic body, cutting-edge technology and beautiful looks, the smart #3 leaves a powerful impression on the roads. Whether you're heading home or out on your next adventure, it's sure to leave a smile on your face.


A powerful impression.

With a maximum range of 283 miles (WLTP)* and charging speeds of up to 150kW DC*, the smart #3 will get you where you need to be in no time at all.

What's more, with the BRABUS edition, the smart #3 can accelerate from 0-62mph in an astonishing 3.7 seconds, making every trip thrilling.


Take a ​​​​​​​closer look.


Performance, style & a sporty attitude.

The smart #3 BRABUS increases peak power to 315 kW / 428 hp with 543 Nm of torque, resulting in a 0-62mph time of 3.7 seconds. This is achieved by having two motors - one on each axle - giving the smart #3 BRABUS all-wheel drive.


Comfortable and spacious.

The smart #3 has been made to provide space, comfort & elegance in equal measures. The high-quality interior isn't just for show - it's also high-tech. Standard features include automatic climate control with Air Filter, man-made leather seats, heated steering wheel and support for Android Auto & Apple Car Play.