Diesel Is Going To Be With Us Well Beyond 2025

19th October 2018

The pros and cons of diesel engines have very much been a topic of conversation in recent months amongst car buyers. Eddie Cunningham and Michael McAleer discuss the longevity of diesel engines with Johannes Reifenrath, head of Mercedes-Benz Cars product strategy and planning. Reifenrath is currently forward planning towards 2025 and 2039 and is aware of the need for more mind-changing technology. 'Mostly our business has been evolutionary, but now it is becoming revolutionary and that’s an interesting phase for my team. I address this by having more and more young people in my team. The average age is now 25 to 28, very highly qualified and many of them with widely varied backgrounds.'

In essence, Reifenrath believes diesel is here to stay for the foreseeable future and one should very much consider it when purchasing their new car. He believes 'Diesel is going to be (with us) for a long, long time.' 'We are talking well beyond 2025.' To continue reading, please click on the link below.