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About Electric (BEV) Vehicles

A Battery Electric Vehicle is a fully electric vehicle, meaning the only source of power is via a rechargeable battery.  They do not have the traditional combustion engine and therefore the design flexibility is increased as the usual constraints do not exist, the battery for instance powering the vehicle can be spread across the floor which improves traditional weight distribution.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

  • Fill up for less; Charging a battery from empty to full costs far less than a tankful of fuel.
  • Leave nothing behind; The CO2 output of your daily commute is precisely zero.
  • Get a simpler service; Electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts than petrol or diesel cars, making them easier to service.
  • €120 motor tax per annum.
  • Government grants available.
  • Don’t wait a second; When you put your foot on the accelerator of a petrol or diesel car, there is a “lag” before the car actually accelerates With an electric vehicle, acceleration is instantaneous, for a more responsive and fun driving experience.

Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles

  • Range; Typically, BEV models range from 200-400 kms, this varies greatly by model and size.
  • Current infrastructure; Limited charging points can affect journeys.
  • Higher initial purchase cost compared to petrol and diesel equivalents.
  • High insurance and repair costs.
  • Carrying of roof racks and heavy loads will reduce range.

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