MSL Motor Group hope you and your car are prepared for Storm Emma. If you’re not, we would advise the following precautions:

  • If possible, park your car in your garage overnight. This will ensure your car is protected from the snow and will be more accessible to drive in the morning.
  • Ensure that your car battery is functioning correctly. The overall performance of the car may be affected as a result.
  • Visibility is key. De-ice your windows and mirrors to ensure your visibility isn’t compromised.
  • Check your anti-freeze to reduce the risk of your car overheating in low temperature weather.
  • Examine your tyre-thread depth and replace any tyres that do not have sufficient thread. The minimum thread depth in Ireland is 1.6mm. Make sure your tyres are the correct tyre pressure to give yourself the best chance in extreme conditions. Also, check your spare wheel is in good condition.
  • Inspect your lights to make sure all are working correctly. It is imperative that you use them in winter months!
  • Make sure to drive with caution. Slow down to reduce the risk of skidding.
  • Avoid tailgating. Maintain a clear distance from oncoming cars and cars driving directly in front of you. It takes longer to stop during snowy weather so please take caution.
  • When driving on ice, ensure traction so drive in as high a gear as you can.
  • Beware of black ice, especially in parts of the road which may have been shaded from the sun by walls or trees.
  • Do not brake suddenly when driving in adverse weather conditions – gradually reduce your speed. When approaching a bend, slow down so you don’t have to brake before the bend – drive through, don’t brake going around it.
  • If driving up a hill, gather speed beforehand to ensure you make it up the hill.
  • If you do skid, drive in the direction of the skid.
  • Be prepared. Consider carrying a number of essentials in the boot of your car such as extra fuel, high visibility vest, a hazard warning triangle and spare wheel.
  • Keep up to date with local weather alerts.

Finally and most importantly, stay safe over the coming days. Do not make unnecessary journeys if at all possible.